Welcome To Visit Bermuda

The Official Site Of The Bermuda Hotel Association

On behalf of our Hotel Association members, we are pleased that you have chosen our island home, as well as this member property, for your stay with us.  Bermuda is world renowned for the friendliness of our people, the natural beauty of our beaches, the flora and fauna, as well as the many historic attractions and amenities that set us apart from other international destinations. It is with the primary objective in mind of ensuring that you have the best possible experience that we encourage you to spend a few minutes acquainting yourself with the contents of this informative publication, Visit Bermuda, before you venture out to both explore and enjoy our destination at your leisure and in the manner that best suits your needs.We extend our best wishes for a wonderful stay with us, as we look forward to welcoming you, your family, friends and colleagues on many more future return visits to the island.


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